Impact of Information Society Research in the Global South
Edited by Arul Chib, Julian May, and Roxana Barrantes; Springer
Using empirical evidence from the second iteration of the SIRCA programme, this volume examines the notion of 'impact' by two aspects of the debate: How is the research on ICTs in the Global South playing a role in achieving an information society, through implementation in practice, influence on policy formulation, and media coverage for shaping public opinion, and What is the evidence of the impact of ICTs on society?

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Linking Research to Practice: Strengthening ICT for Development Research Capacity in Asia
Edited by Arul Chib and Roger Harris
The Strengthening ICTD Research Capacity in Asia (SIRCA) was a pioneer capacity-building programme aimed to develop the research skills of emerging researchers in the Asia Pacific. The collaborations between the researchers and their mentors resulted in a range of research fundings and lessons learnt which are compiled in this book.
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Ordering Chaos: Regulating the Internet
Ang P.H. (2005) Thomson Learning Asia
This book adopts an expansive view of regulation, including the deployment of technology, the use of market forces, the formulation of industry self-regulation as well as legislation. It shows the possibilities and limits of the regulatory approaches and why policy makers should take a light-handed approach to regulation- attempting alternative regulatory means and letting technology 'settle' before passing legislation.
ISBN: 9812437150
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The Internet in Singapore
Kuo, Eddie; Choi, Alfred, Mahizhnan, Arun;, et al (2002). Singapore: Times Academic Press
The Singapore Internet Project (SIP), launched in 1999, is the first nationwide survey of Internet usage and its social impact in Singapore. Its objective is to collect empirical evidence to show the impact of the Internet, which has been adopted rapidly by many Singaporeans in the last few years. The research has been designed as a longitudinal project to assess the impact of the new medium on individual perception, attitudes and behaviors, and to identify any effect on families as well as society at large. The focus of the study includes Internet usage patterns, e-commerce activities, family and social interaction, perception of Internet, and media use.
ISBN: 9812101918
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