SiRC's Major Research Projects:

  • The SIRCA Programme, currently in its third iteration, brings together the endeavors of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC, Canada) and the Singapore Internet Research Centre (SiRC, Singapore) to develop cross-cutting theoretical frameworks and a research agenda in thematic areas of open development

  • The 3M Workshop is an international scholarly forum for researchers and practitioners to explore the roles of information communication technologies (ICTs), particularly mobiles, in the lives of migrants worldwide. Migration has emerged as one of the biggest social challenges in developed nations. It has recently called urgent attention of scholars worldwide given the migration crisis witnessing the forced migration of over 60 million people to Europe and across the globe over the past year. The 3M workshop therefore is a significant event of its kind to address vast impacts of mobiles on the lives of marginalized migrants – those with desperate need of resources, education, and integration into host societies. 

  • SiRC has partnered with a number of research collaborators on projects examining lives of migrants and refugees in various countries, namely China, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, and South Korea. SiRC has been creating a global research hub in preparation for submissions of huge grant applications on associated topics. For example, the Social Science Research Council grant (SSRC), Singapore (submitted and under review, SGD1 million) and International Development Research Center (IDRC), Canada (submitted and presented).

  • When Mobile Communication is Disrupted: the Case of the Indian State of Gujarat, a research project led by Prof Ang Peng Hwa, funded by International Development Research Centre, that aims to investigate the disruption of mobile data services in India.​​

  • Effects of Diabetes App Use in Chronic Disease Management – A Singaporean-German Collaboration on Empowerment for Diabetes Self-Management project by Assoc Prof Arul Chib (PI), Prof Rich Ling (co-PI), Prof Sven Jöckel (co-PI), Dr. Veronika Karnowski (co-PI), Prof Constanze Rossmann (co-PI) and Nicola Krömer. This is a collaborative project between Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, University of Erfurt, Germany and Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich.

  • The CONNECT2SEA Grant, with a project on the role of partner support in mHealth for Type II Diabetes.

  • Past projects, including work on the Internet and the Asian Tsunami, and New Media Economics. ​