About Us


Mission & Vision

SiRC explores social consequences, impact, innovation and emerging trends through a research-focused, collaborative approach.

The Singapore Internet Research Centre (SiRC) investigates emergent information and communication technologies from a global perspective. SiRC is interested in four broad themes and approaches – Social consequences and impact, Innovation and emerging trends, both explored through a Research-focused approach through extensive Collaboration. 

SiRC has simultaneously pursued a strategy of international visibility with the objective of becoming known as a research centre for global excellence, and acted as a hub for research. Particular elements of this strategy include  agreements with international partners, collaborations with leading scientists, hosting of major conferences, and broad-based social media outreach and media placements. SiRC leads the global SIRCA programme that has mentored scores of emerging researchers from developing countries in Asia, Africa, and South America. The outputs of this programme include special issues of Media Asia and the Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries, and edited volumes published by ISEAS and Springer. 

SiRC's mission is:

  1. To initiate and promote high quality analytical, multidisciplinary research associated with the Internet in Asia.

  2. To develop international networks with researchers for collaboration, analysis, capacity building and   technological development.

  3. To provide an umbrella for multiple research projects, and generate external research funding and   collaborative relationships

  4. To disseminate research findings through grant reports, journal articles, book projects, and conferences.

  5. To undertake outreach activities for policy and practice, with a strategic focus on generating impact.